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Urgent Messaging

Specification • Urgent messaging is a best-effort priority communications path that does NOT provide for reliable delivery, missing packet detection, or out-of-sequence packet reordering. It may optionally be implemented in this protocol to facilitate an out-of-band transport pathway that may be useful for such things as time broadcasts, exception/error control, meta messages,...

Communication Specification > SpaceWire > Protocols > JAS Reliable Data Delivery Protocol > Overall Functional Description > Urgent Messaging

Useful Metrics for Analyzing Topology Candidates

Other • Emerging high-bandwidth, low-latency network technology has made network-based architectures both feasible and potentially desirable for use in satellite payload architectures. Network architectures are capable of routing large amounts of traffic with reasonable latency, allowing considerable amounts of data between nodes to be shared. However, care must be exercised when developing...

Joint Architecture Standard Overview > Network Topologies > Useful Metrics for Analyzing Topology Candidates

Vacuum Impact

Specification • The JAS electronics shall consider testing in a thermal vacuum environment because inadequately heat-sunk parts will fail/burn-up. Overheating is the issue, exceeding maximum junction temperatures.

Mechanical Specification > Environmental Exposure > Vacuum Impact


Specification • The JAS mechanical structure shall have no confined or captured volumes. Venting ports shall be provided to prevent damage, or the release of gases, due to pressure changes during testing, transportation, and launch. Threads need not be vented.

Mechanical Specification > Environmental Exposure > Venting

Vibration (Random)

Specification • The JAS housing support shall meet all performance specifications after being subjected to the vibration level prescribed by figure 5.5.1. This spectrum shall be applied, to the mounting brackets.

Environmental Specification > Vibration (Random)

X,Y, and Z Axis Random Vibration

Specification • The JAS support shall meet all performance specifications after being subjected to the random vibration environment prescribed by the figure below. Note that these are acceptance levels. This input should be used along with the program Strength Qualification Plan. Random Vibration

Environmental Specification > X,Y, and Z Axis Random Vibration

Results 176–184 of 184