Command and Host Processor Profile

Volatile Memory Storage


The CH profile may also operate as a low- to medium-performance memory node, hosting volatile SDRAM memories that can store mission data for short periods of time. This application may be used to queue mission data, provide temporary storage of data for processing, and other similar functions.

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Volatile Memory Storage Instantiation

In this application, the CH node software is configured with services that facilitate communication with volatile memories (typically SDRAM). The memories are populated on a mezzanine board (defined by the Expansion Profile) that is connected to the CH node through its mezzanine connector. Application requests for memory transactions are received by the processor through the SpaceWire bus, translated into memory transactions, and the appropriate data or acknowledgement (if any) is transmitted back to the requestor.

A high-bandwidth memory node is better suited for implementation using the RP Profile plus the Expansion Profile, due to the absence of overhead imposed by software and the availability of high-speed network interfaces on RP instantiations.