Reconfigurable Processing Profile

Megabit Interfaces


There are several megabit interfaces that may be utilized on the RP node. Some examples of these include:

  • SpaceWire
  • RS-422, RS-232
  • MIL-STD-1553
  • CAN bus

SpaceWire is the preferred solution for systems requiring data rates below 200 Mbps. SpaceWire links can scale from 2 to 200 Mbps at full duplex and are well suited for communicating command, control, and system SOH information between modules. For these reasons, SpaceWire is the recommended choice for implementation in the SMAC and the “always-on” control interface.

Regardless of protocol choice, each payload may implement some form of megabit-class network for command and control. This level of communication provides a reliable and easily implementable network that enables communication with other nodes. In systems where extreme data bandwidth is not needed, this network can also be responsible for transporting operational data.

The communication protocols implemented to provide services over a megabit interface are described in the Communication Specification.