Joint Architecture Standard Overview Profile

JAS Toolbox Introduction


The JAS standard is captured in the JAS Toolbox, and presented using a web-based content management system known as the Interactive Standards Publication Tool (ISPT). In addition to the JAS standard, the JAS Toolbox includes a set of Systems Engineering (SE) Tools, which provide system examples and modeling capabilities. The JAS Toolbox is intended to be a “living document” to be revised as new technologies, requirements and opportunities emerge.

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JAS Toolbox Definition

JAS Standard

The JAS Standard is the content that completely defines JAS from top level system design to low level specifications. The standard provides system designers with the necessary information to build a JAS compliant system. The JAS Standard is organized as described in the figure below. The structure provides an increasing level of detail as the user traverses the document tree.

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JAS Standard Hierarchy

Within the JAS Standard, each section is assigned a unique identifier which can be selected by the program or application to include for their given requirement set. Each section of the specifications also includes a type identifier of a requirement, recommendation, or implementation.

  • Requirement – adhering to this entry is mandatory to be JAS-compliant
  • Recommendation – adhering to this entry is following best practice and/or SME experience
  • Implementation – example and/or use case

SE Tools

The SE Tools are a collection of modeling tools and system examples that will help systems engineers and designers apply JAS to their application. In addition the SE Tools include the Quick Start Guide which provides an understanding of the realization of the JAS advantages.

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SE Tools