Expansion Profile

Expansion Profile


The Expansion Profile describes a board that provides new capabilities and/or additional resources that would otherwise not be available in standard node instantiations. These modules are not intended to operate standalone and will usually not have individual processing capabilities. Rather, these boards will be populated with components that allow for expanded capacity (for example, connecting memory modules to a CH node), expanded communications (for example, breaking out SpaceWire signals to an externally accessible connector), or both.

JAS Standard Hierarchy (EXP).PNG

JAS Standard Hierarchy

Boards that are instantiated using the Expansion Profile are not intended to operate standalone. Rather, expansion modules should augment the capabilities of nodes in the system in order to provide extended resources to the host profile (e.g., RP Profile, CH Profile, and PS Profile).

The figure below and the following sections demonstrate useful examples of the Expansion Profile integration into a typical processing system.

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Expansion Module Application Example