Communication Profile

Interconnect Technologies


This profile describes the interconnect technologies supported by JAS. Each interconnect will be comprised of three layers based on the RapidIO standard: the Logical Layer; the Transport Layer; and the Physical Layer. The figure below shows a mapping of the interconnect layers to the OSI layers. The Application Layer is represented by the JAS subnetwork services. The Logical Layer defines protocols for communication between end-point processing elements. The Transport Layer routes messages from one end-point processing element to another through switch processing elements. The Physical Layer electrically connects adjacent processing elements to each other.

Image of JAS-PR-COMM-InTe_Figure59386cd8b0ce7.png

OSI Network Model Layers Applied to JAS

There are two primary data links covered in this communication standard, SpaceWire and Serial RapidIO (SRIO). This is a modular specification so new technologies may be added in the future as necessary.