Reconfigurable Processing Profile

Reconfigurable Processing Profile


The RP profile defines a high-performance processing solution suitable for constructing nodes for mission data processing, sensor interfaces, and other applications requiring high-bandwidth processing and communications. The RP profile works alongside the CH Profile and PS Profile to implement nodes within the JAS architecture. The SMAC Profile and the Communication Profile implement connectivity and data transfer from RP nodes to other nodes in the system. The Expansion Profile extends the capability of RP nodes by providing connectivity to non-standard electronics.

JAS Standard Hierarchy (RP).PNG

JAS Standard Hierarchy

The processing on RP nodes is implemented through the use of reprogrammable technologies, which enables customization of the processing logic to suit the needs of the application. For this reason, a node built upon the RP profile is the most versatile of all nodes in JAS. Connectivity to other resources is accomplished by utilizing the techniques described in the Expansion Profile, and further extends the capabilities of the RP node in supporting a wide variety of functions as shown below.

Image of JAS-PR-RP-RePrPr_Figure59386cd8c1e58.png

RP Application Example