System Monitoring and Communication Profile

Analog to Digital Converter and Multiplexer


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SMAC ADC and Analog MUX

The SMAC shall include an ADC to take analog measurements of board parameters (voltage, current, temperature). These values are returned to the system controller as SOH information.

An analog MUX may be required so that multiple analog values can be read by the ADC. The MUX should have enough channels to accommodate the number of analog values to be read and provided as SOH.

In order to properly digitize non-voltage readings (such as current and temperature), some supplemental electronics may be needed to convert the signal into a voltage range compatible with the ADC. Current-sense resistors, thermistors, temperature transducers, and operational amplifiers are examples of common components that may be required; the exact implementation will depend on the desired parameters to record as SOH.

The SMAC will collect a variety of SOH parameters, including temperatures of critical components, such as voltages and currents from local POL regulation. This information is made available for the system controller to periodically download.