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Buckling and Crippling

Specification • Evaluation of buckling strength shall consider the combined action of primary and secondary stresses and their effects on general instability, local or panel instability, crippling, and creep.

Mechanical Specification > Design Constraints > Structural Integrity > Buckling and Crippling


Specification • Cleanliness is an important design consideration which can be mitigated by the mechanical structure and processes. Systems adjacent to an optical payload may have more strict cleanliness requirements than non-optical payload. The following sections describe the requirements which deal with Cleanliness considerations for the JAS mechanical structure.

Mechanical Specification > Design Constraints > Cleanliness

Coating Surface Resistivity

Specification • The thickness of all chemical film treatments need to be controlled to provide low surface resistivity. Surface resistivity shall be less than 1 x 109 ohm/ square.

Mechanical Specification > Environmental Exposure > Electromagnetic Compatibility > Coating Surface Resistivity

Coating Volume Resistivity

Specification • All paints and coatings shall have a volume resistivity less than 1 x 109 ohm-cm.

Mechanical Specification > Environmental Exposure > Electromagnetic Compatibility > Coating Volume Resistivity

Coordinate Definition

Specification • The JAS mechanical structure shall implement a coordinate system as a reference point for the design. The mounting of each component should be considered as the coordinate reference. The coordinate frame can originate on a pin-and-slot mounting. [Placeholder: Defining a coordinate frame helps to determine center of gravity, mass, envelopes...

Mechanical Specification > Mechanical Interface Design > Coordinate Definition

Design Constraints

Specification • The following sections define some important design constraints that the program will levy on the system. The constraints will drive many of the choices in designing the mechanical system.

Mechanical Specification > Design Constraints

Design Thickness

Specification • For strength and buckling analyses, minimum material thickness shall be used. Minimum thickness is defined as the nominal thickness minus the lower tolerance and applies to metallic and nonmetallic structural elements. For modeling purposes and stiffness calculations, use nominal or expected values. For flexures the Maximum blade thickness shall be...

Mechanical Specification > Design Constraints > Structural Integrity > Design Thickness

Design Ultimate Load

Specification • The JAS mechanical structure shall have sufficient strength to simultaneously withstand design ultimate loads, the corresponding temperature, pressure and accompanying environmental phenomena without failure.

Mechanical Specification > Design Constraints > Structural Integrity > Design Ultimate Load

Design Yield Load

Specification • The JAS mechanical structure shall withstand design yield loads, the corresponding temperature, pressure and associated environmental phenomena without permanent deformations, or permanent misalignments, of all components.

Mechanical Specification > Design Constraints > Structural Integrity > Design Yield Load

Electrical Bonding

Specification • Each equipment design shall provide electrical continuity across mechanical interfaces in accordance with the design requirements of this specification. Electrical continuity will be achieved to the maximum practical extent by direct metal-to-metal contact across the entire interface surface. If the electrical resistance across mechanical interfaces is measured to be less...

Mechanical Specification > Environmental Exposure > Electromagnetic Compatibility > Electrical Bonding

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Specification • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) are important design considerations which can be mitigated by the mechanical structure. EMI limits may be in place due to application-specific requirements, but more importantly, EMI can be detrimental to electronics because of the sensitive nature of many of the modern systems and...

Mechanical Specification > Environmental Exposure > Electromagnetic Compatibility


Specification • The assembled JAS mechanical structure shall attempt to fit the space available without violating any system-level keep out zones.

Mechanical Specification > Design Constraints > Envelope

Environmental Exposure

Specification • Unless otherwise specified, the JAS mechanical structure shall meet these specifications during or after exposure to all environmental conditions specified in the Environmental specification. All of the intended application’s performance parameters must be considered to determine if the mechanical design can withstand the impacts of all environments.

Mechanical Specification > Environmental Exposure